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This blog has been in the making 10 times over. As I have formed and reformed this many times, I keep thinking about the concept of surface. To me this blog is just one more surface that will be impacted and changed by the passage of time and life. It’s properties are simple and straightforward and the change comes through impacts and interations with other surfaces and elements. It is built to, in a sense, patina. But as a blog exists in the realm of the digital and non-physical, it serves only as a reflection of the surfaces which are impacting it, small snipits and compacted bits of life, place, and people.

For the way we live unfolds simultaneously in the environment of our cognitive conscious and the environment of the physical through the interaction that takes place between the two. Analytically, they can be distinguished, but in practice they are inseparable. The relationship among these environments, however, is unstable. As they mirror and penetrate each other in fleeting moments, through this intertwining, the only method of capture we are given is memory.

If we were to heighten the cognitive consciousness by taking an analytical step backwards in viewing the physical bemusing of everyday experiences and activities, could we in any way simultaneously heighten the awareness of memory formation? So much of this information is fleetingly gone from our grasp of memory, or perhaps never within our grasp anyway. So often the process of memory formation is obscured and lost by the everyday clout we put before ourselves or taken for granted in the moment then missed as it passes through our fingers like sand.

A third surface comes into play as a method and a tool using digital visual media as being a mirror of reality. The ability to gather imagery from a different perspective in the other environments have come in the form of transparent experiences, in which the process of capturing and editing becomes fluid and solidified. It makes the recording of our lives accessible as a way to preserve life’s experiences and meaningful interactions in the physical space through the interaction of technology and its aesthetical dimension.

We are indeed surrounded by technology and we can understand implications of how experiencing the digital has influenced our perception of the physical and cognitive space as a mirror of an event, characterized by the disappearance of a number of boundaries that we were used to. By understanding the interdependency and influence between virtual applications and physical objects, on the assumption that the qualities of technology reside in the way users make sense of it and its applications, we are aided in creating meaningful interpretations of our life’s reality.

Perhaps this is what appeals to me so much about blogging-

Through process and use of this tool, the keenness of memory is sharpened by knowing where to look rather than passing by without noticing anything; but what has been captured in the photographic mirror of memories has its origins in a scene that had existed at a specific time. An image is not different from the represented object, but it’s meaning is emphesized and changed through the window of imagery. Rather than depending on a multitude of fractured thoughts and stored memories, use of tools (such as journaling and photography) lots of elements of life can be woven together in one image, one paragraph, viewed from outside. There’s something about them that keeps inspiring me, that framed thought, such open clean fixed moment in time somehow expressing an overriding truth that is inherently more about the liberation of representing something. A moment of clarity, but although motionless they are living…

It also has something to do with editing- processing confusing and continuous experiential stimuli and suddenly producing a layering of words and imagery into something instantaneously understandable. I am interested in how the plane of digital media can so interact with physical reality as they narrate life down into first hand text and photo accounts, a weaving of experience that forces and allows us to step back and view life as these surfaces impress upon one another.

However, an interesting dichotomy exists between the physical and digital. attracting and extending our social, community based, and physical means of interaction. How can we embody the physical through the use of the digital and by doing so be gaining in the values of intangible importance of the way we live? How can we leverage the benefits of the digital while driving new interactions within the physical environment? These are questions perhaps only the undertaking of this journal will resolve.

Blog goals:

To capture and elevate the experience of everyday life by weaving together form, space and light and reconstitute the narrative of daily practices and anonymous itineraries hidden in the thick folds of the day to day.

Utilize the communicable strengths of online blogging has given us as ways to experience the extension of life into non-physical space in order to shorten the physical distance of separation between people, ways that are more accessible through these routes of digital mediation.

Create a record that’s focus is about reaffirming convictions lost amidst the speed we are passing through life as we too often throw out or compromise in the name of living. To slow down, enjoy the passing moments with full knowledge they are gone into the past too quickly.

To share the enjoyment of the life we have been given in a dynamic and interactive way.

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