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Secrets in the making. I spent part of the morning laying out my pattern for the tote I am making for the One Hour Craft Tote Swap. Current rendition is in Chipboard, but this week it will morph itself into a finished product ready to be shipped off on the 10th to my swap partner, Kyla in Wisconsin. This bag has been designed for over a month now, not in anticipation of the Tote Swap, but because I have developed a recent obsession with a new material I have yet to get my hands on. In the effort of not giving away more than I should, I will spill that on my to-do list next week is a trip to a Machining store in Ballard. It is my hope they have some extra scrap pieces of this classified-super-secret material lying around I can buy off of them. More obscure pics over at Flickr.

I also should note this in my first ever Craft Swap and I am really excited to be a participant. I love the creative energy that bounces around in the blogsphere. Honestly, I am more excited to give than to get, I hope this bag turns out as awesome as it is in my head.

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