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I [heart] grey and orange


Ever been to a gathering with a group of Architects? We had one last night here at our place with 7 friends from college who all moved north after graduation. Every single person was wearing black of some sorts. It quickly became a topic of conversation as in these circles it is commonly known, a monochrome, mostly black wardrobe it is the dead giveaway you are amongst designers. That night, however, I was the exception. I blame it solely on pregnancy and the fact that I have a handful of shirts and two pairs of pants I rotate around during the week- jeans, two black shirts, one grey, one charcoal tunic dress I made, a few grey sweaters, a brown sweater, and a red long-sleeved t-shirt. Since I wear the other items so often, in the attempt to put on something clean, I was the stand out in my red shirt.

Not that I am opposed to color at all. I just find that as a basic pallet, I tend more towards the monochromes and prefer to insert a splash of color in small controlled amounts. I think our surroundings reflect that- our house is furnished in Black Leather, Stainless Steel, and Birch. Limited, perhaps, but uniform, yes. Our aim is to keep it that way. The only exceptions are Ariaya’s room and our room. Her furnishings we have chosen Birch and an Orange/Red/Pink/White color scheme. Established parameters, but definitely still a work in progress.

Our room, on the other hand, is practically at square one. Our furniture is on the right track in all birch, but we have not been able to decide on new bedding (we have been in need of new sheets and a duvet cover seemingly forever) which will make or break the feel of the room. Currently we put up with off-white sheets and the raw stark white down comforter thrown over the top. Not terrible, but not finished and not thought out. I finally designed a bedspread we both like that will be made out of charcoal linen with thin strips of orange pinstripes running vertically up one side. Minimal. Simple. The above pictures are a test run in pillow form, as the fabric store didn’t have 5 1/2 yards of this great Charcoal linen/cotton blend. This is a color combination we can’t break away from. There is just something about the dynamics between the soft subtle uniformity of grey and the contrasting vibrancy of the orange establishing them as a set and repetitive constant in the items we design around us.

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