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Passing the torch

I grew up over a mile high (in elevation) in Truckee, California. This is where I developed the passion for skiing and the love of the cold winter air. I miss Truckee primarily because of that intense passion for skiing and the outdoors. The only job that ever really impacted me on a deep personal level was one that involved working in the ski industry- I was a Ski Instructor for 6 years after growing up skipping the latter half of the school day to hit the slopes as a Ski Team Brat. When Matt and I met in college his one nearly fatal flaw is he had never really skied. Well, one season of 400 mile weekend trips to my hometown sure fixed that- his passion for the sport is as strong as mine.

I sadly now have a much more distant involvement in skiing, having spent the last few seasons pregnant, caring for a young baby and now pregnant again, but still hold dear to my heart the built up years of experience and memories developed sliding down a mountain on two planks. I began skiing at the age of three, my outlined plan for my kids begins at 18 months. My hope is I can bring my children from being one of the many little kids sliding around and falling to miniature accomplished skiers and teaching their little hearts to enjoy the great sport of skiing as much as we do.

Today we took advantage of the end of season deals and bought Araiya a ski and binding package with some Christmas money from her Great-Grandma we had stashed away for this very purpose. I figure these skis will last her at least three seasons and be used by the siblings to follow down the slopes after her.

We pick up her new toys on Saturday then plan to head up to Alpental so Daddy can take her down the rope tow on his tele skis- just like my Dad did with me.

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