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I believe this is an adequate representation of what our life is about to become.

For one, I am due any day now with kid-0 #2. The chaos that will ensue with having a newborn and a 19 month-old is almost unfathomable. Parenting will continue to be one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges I will face. One that is a bit more familiar is what is depicted in the photo above- Remodel. Building. Designing. Physical Labor. Problem Solving- Funkified older homes that hold so much potential it is just oozing out of the baseboards and tickle that deep passionate excitement in me of what could be, what we could do, what the place will become.

Matt’s parent’s have decided to invest in real estate here in the city, we are partnering with them to live in and rehab the property with our time and skills. To me this is just as exciting as having another baby- we have the opportunity to grow our family and grow our family’s lifestyle and environment at the same time. So mid to late April we will be moving into and beginning to rehab and awesome 1950’s ranch style home about 10 blocks south of where we are now.  The picture above is fun stuff we found in the attic.  Chaos?  Yes- we like to make all our changes at once.

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