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A month!?!

This poor neglected place. I did not at all intend for the infrequency of posts to be creeping up on a month now. I have about 10 posts I have meant to write, 10 pictures I have meant to post. We have been going and doing non-stop since Tallis was born… from having family in town and friends visiting, adjusting to a family of four, tripping over boxes of stuff in the loft, painting and scheming over at the new house and having Matt in process of job changes… the pace has been hard to break from. Not that I am complaining. It is refreshing and energizing to once again have an open pallet for some large scale creation and I am incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for us in this new place. But for now we are inbetween, in this state of limbo where chaos is reigning. So where are we? Where have we been?

The first week and a half in my mind is a complete disjunction- the narcotics I was sent home with sent me loopy. The only record beyond blurred unrelated memories is the pictures we captured as I somehow managed to push the shutter and upload to flickr. I think I need to outline it all simply for my own sake in trying to keep things straight and actually remember this span of time:

Grummer family in town for the week- spent one great sunny day at the park letting Araiya run around. Bittersweet as the week doubled as a send-off to uncle Kevin as he spent a good deal of his pre-deployment leave with us before having to head out to Iraq for the remainder of the year. Closed on the house that first week and (thank goodness!) were able to use it as a resource to do laundry, as our washer in the loft broke when Tallis was 5 days old and leaked water into the unit below us (however had to re-vent the dryer as it vented into the crawlspace- oops). That weekend saw Bergman Grandparents briefly and Araiya had a great time dancing in circles with them. They will return at the end of the month for a much more relaxed and prolonged visit, we are very much looking forward to that. Hopefully my Sister will be able to come up at some point too.

Week two we started figuring out what needs to happen to the house prior to moving in. Painting found it’s way to the top of the list when we walked into Home Depot (Home Despit, as Matt fondly calls it) and ripped them off (12 gallons of paint for $36- love the oops paint section). Since then we have been in the process of attempting to de-beige the house. Matt’s parents flew back through Seattle from sending off Kevin in San Diego this past weekend.

This week started with painting and boxing Chaos- enough said. We would like to finish up painting tonight and tomorrow so we can start living over there. Matt also wants to start some reconfiguring of spaces. Up first is the Master bedroom, which currently has four doors and no logical place for a queen-sized bed, so two of those doors are getting filled in. We have a truck rented for Saturday all day and hopefully lots of help getting the loft emptied and the house filled.

On the baby front, Tallis is thriving. She gained a pound from when we left the hospital to our two-week appointment with our ND, she is a much bigger baby than Araiya. In general, just a much different baby. It is quite amazing to already be able to see the differences in the little people they both are. Tallis is a nice calming contrast to how spirited Araiya is. It has been a thankful relief (and pleasant suprise) to be actually getting some sleep (Tallis sleeps in 4 hour chunks at night while Araiya wanted to eat seemingly every 45 minutes for the first 7 months of her life). Tallis is easier to soothe and just much more chill than Araiya ever was. Of course, my entire perception of babies is based on my experience with my first, and therefore my understanding of infants is based on that. It is great to be learning both new things and taking what I learned from Araiya and applying it to Tallis.

I have also been spending some time processing my Labor/Birth Experience. I have to say it was utterly amazing and I do plan to write out the story and post it here. Again, the contrasts between my two children’s entrance into this world is striking. I am stil in awe of how circumstantially they are so incredibly similar, yet pragmatically and emotionally Tallis was a complete 180 from Araiya. It was exactly what I neede to walk through. There is one more part I have been waiting on and that is I actually get to meet the OB who performed my c-section today (opposed to just getting a bill from them). I also need to set aside some time, as Tallis’ story so much stems from Araiya’s and both are long. How to sum up a combined 86 hours of labor into a reasonably short dialogue? I believe birth stories to be incredibly important to contimplate, write out and share. Each woman’s experience is different, yet there is so much to learn about how we each walk through a process we have absolutly no control over. My ND (who was a midwife for over 20 years) got it right on- she said that giving birth is like death in that we can’t pick the time or the means, it all comes down to how we deal with the process as it unfolds.

We also have internet at both places, so there should be no excuse for me not to update this space more frequently. I obviously have a lot going on to share.

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