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Perhaps in being a designer I appreciate light, or maybe it is something just ingrained in me from growing up in a place where the dynamics of sun, seasons and environment weigh heavily on deep contrasts.
Mountains:Sky. Snow:Trees. Water:Rock.
Perhaps I come back to it not only because it is something familiar, but something to appreciate in the minimalism, the simplicity of stripped away pretense to leave only form and surface.
White walls:Carefully placed objects.
It is purposeful. Placed just so to evoke a sense of appreciation.
In so much that I don’t mind being stuck inside while we all focus on recovery. The light that flows into the house, especially through this front window which gives us a perch over the neighborhood, blurs the distinction of the indoors and outdoors. It is a quality I place high value on.

Vessel: “…a hollow or concave article, as a cup, bowl, … for holding liquid or other contents”.
This one is an Asa Cuba Vasa which I got from the modern furniture store, Vellum, I worked at in College. It has a small chip in the mouth and was going to get thrown out, so I gladly took the vase and covered over the chip with Sharpie Marker. It holds some gracefully arching branches I got this past spring to celebrate the emergence of the warmer seasons. The Stainless steel medical table was a Craigslist find for $10, it holds our keys and wallets in the drawer, as well as other miscellaneous treasures like used batteries and junk mail.

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