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Fun things

Since my old Hard Drive is nearly toast and I haven’t yet tried extracting things off of it yet, I have been trying to reconfigure (read: redo from brain memory) all of my personal settings (read: ALL my Bookmarks and Feeds) in Firefox. In all honesty, they needed to be gone over and weeded out anyways, no excuses or anything, and this has become a nice convenient way of doing so. In the process, I have found some fun new things on the vast internet.

Such as these awesome ShineboxPrint booklets that I now want for no real reason and have no real use for. Like I would be handing out cards that say: ‘Natalie Grummer, mom, used to be a designer and architect, occasionally takes on contract work but now instead takes her kids to the beach once a week.’  Yea, totally on my birthday wishlist. Even better is they are offering $20 off before August 10th. Sweet, because I can custom design my cards using their Illustrator templates (and I love Illustrator, it just isn’t installed on this disk yet).

Similar are these Moo Stickerbooks, which I absolutely have a use for, or ten uses for. Between Araiya’s birthday goody bags to potty training to thank-you cards, I could stick these guys everywhere. And the best part? Totally designed by me.

Then something a little more practical, a website called Walk Score that calculates how Walkable your location is. Our house scores 86 out of 100. Pretty good, don’t you think? I do find myself driving a bit more than we did at the loft, which scores an 88. Not really a fair comparison between some of the amenities that were so close to the loft- like under Grocery Safeway is weighed the same as the Afro Mini mart (ha!) and Clothing & Music is comparing Pork Chop Screen printing to Utilikilts.

Oh, and don’t forget the site that got me into all this hard drive fun in the first place: Retail-me-Not. Actually a really great site for finding coupon codes for online shopping. Download the add-on for Firefox and you will be automatically informed there are coupons for any site you load. Great for me since I always spend a ton of time looking for no tax and free shipping and a discount. Just don’t attempt to install the add-on when your machine is on the fritz like I did.

That’s all the Fun stuff for today, kids.

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