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Back at it

Well, the laptop is back up and running. And improved. Along with a new hard drive, she got stuffed with a bunch more RAM and we purchased a 320GB backup external we are hooking up to our wireless network to act as a sort of server between the three computers. This is one of those things where you can’t be too mad because, well, you know better. One excuse after another and years of saying we have been meaning to back things up, meaning to buy and external, meaning to burn stuff to DVD’s. Pure stupidity because this happened once before. That time we were able to dump most everything important onto the iPod then dumped it right back on to the new drive- the drive that just crashed and lies a little more than a year later, limping attempting to spin, in the above photograph. Fingers are crossed we still may be able to extract info off the disk. Not quite sure just yet as signs of life are dwindling. This time, however, it may be gone- all gone. I ma not worried about the photos- those are at least stored in original format at Flickr (thank you pro account)- nor 75% of the other files on that drive. But the thing that kills me is all my design work- my graphics, craft, patterns, ideas, architecture, business files, client work- all trapped. Plus all the original Thesis work- things that are years old and should have been archived already. Dumb, just dumb.

Now I get to reinstall everything. Photoshop and Illustrator are back up, so there are some new pictures at Flickr. A few more gig’s still need to be downloaded off ScanDisks and edited. Those include basement remodel updates as we near the completion of this kitchen. It will be good to get things back in order, and by that I don’t mean just the computer. Life in general needs an overhaul sometimes. We have been spread pretty thin and need to re-boot lest we crash and burn.

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