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A glimpse of what we’ve been doing:

Matt has been taking a half day on Thursdays to go on family adventures. The last few we have been graced with beautiful weather. Last week we went to Discovery Park in Magnolia. Great day to enjoy the vistas watching the boats cruise up and down Puget Sound. It was a very easy hike down to the South Beach of the park, nice trail and thankfully not too many people. The beach was covered with scattered driftwood and bleached logs, perfect for climbing and exploring. Araiya of course, threw rocks in the water.





A box arrived causing much excitement. On my part, excitement for the contents and for Araiya excitement for the box itself. My order from Modernica arrived so now we have a completed Eames Shell Rocker. Love when I get Birthday money and can put it to good use! I am really happy with it. The vintage shell and new Modernica base was the way to go, even though it took nearly 3 years to acquire all the parts into a finished chair. Actually, I take that back- the screws Modernica sent with the base don’t work, so we only have the three original metric screws from the old base attaching the new rocker base for the time being. Guess I can’t claim it as truly done, darn.





I have also been enjoying other Birthday gifts as well, like this wonderfully scented hand lotion from my Mom. I have been using it nearly every day. Araiya broke the pump, so I will need to find a nice new bottle for it.


And we purchased a new kid pack for Tallis, thanks to an REI 20% off coupon which we applied to this Deuter Kanga carrier that was already half off at REI Outlet. I love deals like that! This is a great pack, I use it a lot. The Moby is still my absolute favorite baby carrier, but this is easily a close second. Very secure and comfortable. Now we are taking advantage of being able to do all the hiking we haven’t done all summer. Tallis loves it as much as Araiya does. Been out on the trail every weekend this month and are planning a backpacking trip to Snow Lake the last weekend of September. We shall see what backpacking with TWO kids is like!!


The basement is very very close to being done. We hung the last of the shelves in the kitchen last night. It has been a very consuming project all summer long, I am looking forward to closing up that chapter of house renovations. It has turned out to be a great apartment and deserves it’s own post when we take final pictures.

With the mayhem of the mess and work downstairs, I have realized I haven’t really had a creative outlet, I guess I kinda expected the remodel project to serve as one. And it did, a little bit. But my sewing machines have sat in their cases since we first moved in. Odd to realize how long it has been since I have done any crafting. So when we were at Ikea returning parts of the kitchen we didn’t use, I was tickled to find Ikea Seattle finally has Fabric by the Yard. Grabbed a few- the orange and two black-lined ones. They go well with these two charcoal wools and blue Kona Cotton I have had for a while. Not quite sure what they will become just yet- perhaps a new playmat as Tallis is just about sitting up on her own.


The transition of seasons is starting to become more obvious, the trees are beginning to show hints of changing leaves and that cool crispness in the mornings is becoming more apparent. I do like Fall, but am still hanging onto summer. Perhaps that is because summer seems so unfinished. I didn’t get very far through my summer reading either. But now today feels Fall-ish for sure, with rainy drizzles and much cooler temperatures. Perfect day for making hot tea and grabbing a new good read (or a few).


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