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An anticlimactic evening

After signing off yesterday, our evening did not go as planned. Nope, it was, in fact, a complete wash. Araiya woke up from her nap, still sleepy and wanted to be held, so we sat on the couch for a few minutes. Then Tallis began to stir, so I put Araiya down on the Corbu chaise lounge to go tend to her. Ariaya stayed on the chaise for over an hour, unusually quiet as I got only about three words out of her (which must be a new record). Tallis ate some banana, Araiya showed no interest in helping me feed her. I talked to Matt via Google Chat, told him Araiya was acting really tired and down. He said he hoped she wasn’t getting sick. Matt got home about 5, Araiya still on the chaise lounge having only gotten up once from her semi-catonic state to use the big potty. Matt sat with her trying to talk. We tried to get her excited about going out to a few parties, seeing her friends Rachel and Nathan and Ava J, no luck. Just a blank stare. I mentioned she hadn’t eaten much that day, so we thought soup would be good, as at that point it was pretty clear she was under the weather. Party #1 was out.

Then she threw up. That was the clencher.

I already had my costume on (never did get pictures, though) and Tallis was ready to go in an orange top and black tights (minus the carrot, which won’t work in the car seat anyways) and Matt’s was all laid out. We got her some soup, with big noo-noo’s (noodles) like she asked and sat down on the couch.  Broth and pasta began to do their thing, as she began hitting the keys of my computer, she asked to watch Veggie Tales. Someone came over, someone called. An hour later, she was much perkier and acting normal. Was it the food that spread life back into this usually perky toddler rescuing her from her near comatose state? At 6:50 she decided she wanted to go out and wear her costume. So we gather our stuff and load the kids in the car to head off to Party #2.

We get half a block. The headlights are out. BOTH of them.

Matt does his freaky-scary European driver backing up on a narrow street with parked cars on either side back to the curb (actually, up on the curb with one tire) in front of our house, stalls out with the front bumper still in our neighbor’s driveway and calls it good. We sit there. We just weren’t meant to go out tonight. Kids unloaded, stuff gathered, and we trudge back up the side of the house. Araiya is thoroughly confused. Shortest car ride we’ve ever taken, I comment.

Back in the house, we decide to make cupcakes- spider cupcakes- for our small group that meets at our house on Thursdays. They will go with the Dracula Soup (tomato) and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Araiya helps me with those. Some trick-or-treaters come by even though we have kept the porch light and lights in the front of the house off. We ignore the doorbell because we have no candy. Tallis goes to bed at 8 after an hour of teasing the cat with leftover yellow yarn from the scarecrow outfits. Araiya goes down about 8:45 after eating an entire cupcake worth of batter. We are in bed by 9:10. Very anticlimactic end to our holiday.

Araiya did wake up about 1:30 am to use the big potty. She felt warm so I took her temp- it was just over 100 under her arm, so something is up in her little body. Poor thing. She still isn’t awake this morning, much to Tallis’ dismay. Life just isn’t as fun when your entertainment isn’t around.

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