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Tallis at 7 months

What a month of change! Tallis’ movements, her abilities, her teeth. It is amazing to see her continue to blossom and open up to the world around her. We have crossed over from the months of baby blob where she takes things in to the backslide of this first year where she truly begins to interact with the things and people she is surrounded with. Where to start?


Crawling- my goodness this kid can move! Gone are the times I can plop her in front of some toys and be good for a few minutes (or an hour!). Nope, now she knows there are way more interesting things beyond the radius of her reach and she is taking full advantage of her ability to get herself there. That of course, brings trouble into the equation. Cat food? yep. Paper? yep. Bathroom fetish? yep. Doors must be closed, floors swept constantly, interesting objects out of reach. We have reached the stage of mobility where baby proofing becomes more necessary. There are still those times where we overlook something, or drop something, or Araiya leaves a pen on the floor and I look over to see Tallis with pink highlighter all over her cheek. Or like yesterday where she got her first taste of chocolate when I dropped a glob of cupcake frosting on the floor. Darn, that kid is getting fast.


Yep, everything in the mouth. She just takes in as much as she can, so eager to explore everything she gets her hands on. She loves solid foods. Maybe it is her understanding she is in participation with the rest of the family. She watches us like a hawk whenever anything goes from hand to our mouths. She is so intent on getting some to, because now she knows what it is, and whatever we have is probably good. Arms flail, upper body lurches forward. Then she squints her eyes and wrinkles her nose, letting out a huff, as if to say, come on mom, where’s mine? Her solid food is comprised of mush- usually a veggie or fruit mixed in with some Rice Cereal. Mixed because she will scarf down an entire jar of baby food in one sitting. And then want more. The rice cereal mix allows the jars to last a bit longer.

Then there is her curiosity. The trill of discovery. For this, I cannot describe in words better than this series captured it:





Oh yes, and then there are the teeth. The teeth, big honkers, which took more than a week to push through, resulting in night after night of fussiness, sleeplessness, me feeling like a Jack-in-the-Box, constantly being jolted out of bed just as I had fallen back to sleep, over and over again. What happened to my rock star sleeper? I feared I had ruined her. The hours she was inconsolable for hours during the night, as I fidgeted around in the dark for baby Tylonol, Hyland’s Teething Gel and Chamomile tinctures. Well, they are through. I am holding onto the hope sleep will fall back into what, for so many many months, had been the norm. Regardless, they change her smile. Such an odd combination of cuteness and goofiness:


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