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Dancing Lessons


Saturday’s wedding was wonderful. It was such a beautiful blessing to be there to witness two good friends make a covenanting commitment of love to one another and placing Jesus at the center of their new marriage. This couple has been in the small group we lead and we have been getting together with them many a Monday night as they prepared for getting hitched. In addition, they are both designers so the small details and aesthetic of their party was so well thought out. The wedding was at the Golden Garden’s Boathouse, a brick building with an aging post and beam exposed wood structured roof and a wall of glass doors looking out across the Sound. After a very dreary drizzling gray day, the sun forced it’s way through the thick cloud cover for an amazing sunset right as their ceremony started.


Everything unfolded without a hitch. On their end, yes. We had a few bumps in the road getting there- Couldn’t find Matt’s nice black wool pants so he wore his tux, couldn’t find my only pair of heels so I borrowed some last minute, left the house in a rush and forgot toys and food for Tallis but luckily we had a few toys in the car and there was some delicata squash served for dinner (plus she fell asleep in the Moby Wrap for half the party anyways). I however, failed to check settings on the camera before beginning to shoot away, one handed with Tallis in the other. I had taken some pictures of stuff we are going to sell on Craigslist earlier in the day, so switched the quality from my usual RAW-format to low JPG. Then never switched it back. So sadly, my pictures from the evening are small, pixelated, and rather poor quality, apologies for these. Quite a disappointment. Lesson’s learned- always double check the settings before shooting anything. Still, we have some pictures that represent the immense fun we had at this party.



And what a party it was! Especially for Araiya, who was so excited about wearing her Party Dress and dancing. She befriended the two flower girls by the second song and they were running and weaving around the whole room, holding hands, spinning in circles, bobbing up and down to the music. None of them were any taller than the tables, so occasionally we would loose tabs on their whereabouts and peer through the crowd looking for them. Then a streaking chain of toddlers would whiz into view momentarily, two little white streaks and one tiny black darting between legs and chairs in a whirlwind of energy running about the room.




The only breaks they took were for cake, which Araiya only had a few bites of because dancing was far better than chocolate. And they stood back and watched, with the rest of us, in confused awe as one of the groomsmen busted out a Napoleon Dynamite style solo to a Michael Jackson song. Oh, and yes, breaks to go to the potty which have left me realizing she really is potty trained. I can’t remember the last time she wore a diaper during the day, even when we go out. Once she figured out there is a potty everywhere we go, she will ask to go there when she needs to use it. And not just me, she had a particular attachment to our friend, who’s also named Natalie (Araiya calls her ‘Nannie’), so ‘Nannie’ got drug off by the hand to take Araiya to the bathroom on more than one occasion.


We left about 9, after Araiya had spun herself silly on the dance floor doing her signature dance moves- the one where she looks like she is a participant at a hoe-down. Pretty comical. She juts her elbows out to each side, simultaneously twisting her hips and doing a few little skips. To her own rhythm, of course. by the end, her poor bare feet (yes, we lost the Keen’s and socks in the first 10 minutes we arrived) were covered in gray grime and a bit sore from pounding around on the concrete floor of the boathouse. The whole experience is still a highlight in her mind. She told her friend Asher all about it yesterday afternoon (“Shasher, Riya’s Party Dress, Daa-ncing!”) and I am sure it will remain something she will be talking about for quite some time.

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