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Rainy day solace

rainyday5 copy

This afternoon I lucked out. Two kids down for naps at the same time. Such a rarity. I marveled at the peacefulness of the house, the fleeting occurrence of silence. I had time for me, for my thoughts, my own solace. I read a little. Had some peppermint tea. Avoided the dishes. Traded for just a short while looming things needing to be done for contemplation of the looming rainclouds.

I listened to the rain. It was light, scattering flecks on the window panes and emitting a lulling tink-tink as water dripped down the gutter. The repetition was calming. The gray swirling clouds and saturated ground made me glad to be huddled up inside. I sat perpetuating the stillness of fading light for the short amount of time until resting children once again fill the space with playfully noisy energy and the evening’s activities call me back.

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