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What’s in a name?

My ears (rather, eyes) perked up when I found this article at Slate called ‘Building a Brand: How Architecture Firms Name Themselves’. We are still at a loss for a new name and identity for Like I have said before, it is like naming a kid. So far we haven’t come up with something simple, catchy and that captures what we are about. There are a lot of good names already taken, but the perfect branding is out there waiting to be found. I was hoping this article would give a bit more insight into processes of the actual ‘how’ of naming a firm, not just what other firms have called themselves based on trends over time, as we have hit a bit of writer’s block and could use some inspiration. Regardless, it is interesting to know about the evolution of the field, particularly when it comes to a public identity like a business name. I like the stage we are at now in which names are cool and edgy. This quote is pretty spot on:

“What’s going on? Another shift. Not satisfied with being perceived as respectable or corporate professionals, these architects want to be seen as subversive artists, bad boys—and girls—with laser cutters.”

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