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I feel scattered. My house feels scattered. The weekend’s demands of me being gone have tossed and piled a backlog of things needing attention. All ski stuff got dumped on the floor Sunday night. Three days worth of dishes awaited me in the kitchen. I spent my remaining energy angrily getting those two areas back in order as well as tackling the mountain of laundry yesterday. Today things are once again scattered. I feel I can’t keep on top of the stuff which, by some rebel force of physics, gravitate towards the floor at an alarmingly quick rate, assembling into piles in the two minutes I fail to pay attention to them. That and the distractions which tear me away from a task about halfway to completion. I need places for things to go, and that is the one aspect we have almost always been lacking in. This house doesn’t aid the solution, not with our 6 square feet of closets and 2 square feet of kitchen counter space. It is far easier when things actually have someplace to go away to rather than shuffled from pile to pile.

Plus there is the piles of things I want to do, like Christmas cards, making presents, getting out Christmas decorations. And even that is beyond pile of things that I need to do, like a design review meeting this afternoon and some client presentation boards I need to complete before the end of the week. Piles. Lists. Both define the state of things around here.

It will be nice to move beyond the stressful build-up and actually begin to enjoy the holidays. Sad how such a joyous time of the year always brings with it burdens. Or is it just the end of the year? The gearing up for the winding down? The expectations? The letdown that things often don’t pan out to the same level as intended? The rush to accomplish the to-do list? I can say I am glad that we are not traveling this year or putting too much emphasis on gifts for the four of us- just quality time spent enjoying one another’s company.

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