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Weekly Photo Challenge


There’s is nothing quite like the visual art of photography to evoke our emotions. I love that it’s an art form that is available to everyone. I have been thinking I want some sort of task or challenge to spur me on in taking pictures I might not normally shoot. There are many Photo Challenges out there, I did some Google-ing this morning. I realize I need something random and difficult enough that I will follow through. I don’t really want to have to come up with a theme each week, because I would do something too easy like ‘Green’, and since when did I ever follow my own rules? So I chose the most arbitrary and uncontrollable way of picking a topic to shoot.

Anyone want to join me in a Weekly photography exercise to challenge and encourage more photography and posts?


:: Weekly Photo Challenge ::
The challenge is to use the Word of the Day posted on Monday of that week at as a theme or topic for inspiration. You must take and post a photo based on the randomly chosen word. Each photo will have to “fit” the theme- think visual definition. Also, each entry WILL have to be taken during the timeline of the week (Monday-Friday) and posted on your blog by Friday. The post needs to contain the week’s word and story behind how the photograph fulfills the definition of the word. It’s all for fun, to get creative juices flowing and to promote posting.


This week’s word:

lissom LISS-uhm, adjective;
also lissome:
1. Limber; supple; flexible.
2. Light and quick in action; nimble; agile; active.

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