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Non-stop. I feel we are just going and going. Busy is an inadequate description. Perhaps more of an excuse, it feels at times. One thing ending rolls into another beginning; one thing continuing feels never ending. I have to see past the layers of bold colored bubbles which make up my Google calender, hardly a way to feel organized at this point. Plus we have all been perpetually sick for nearly a month. I need to focus on the fun, the breathers we have been granted.

This last week the one thing which has felt like such an ongoing, no-end-in-sight, scheduled event has become the best source of release– SKIING. This was the last week of teaching our consecutive week lessons, which have, between Matt and I, taken up a good part of 3 days a week. The last two have been make-up days, snow days if you will, so in my mind, this commitment should have been long over. In all regards it should have been something of an extra burden, it just drug on.

Last Saturday Matt brought the kids up and my usual afternoon freedom got sucked up, which normally would have been a major downer. But rather, I got to go out in the backcountry with some of our program’s chaperone’s and some of our top instructors and ski trainers and Matt got to come with us and the cute little Grandma’s who run the logistics of the program were tickled silly to hang out with the kids for a few hours and we hit lots of thigh-deep untracked snow. Totally not the usual drag of getting sucked in to work the afternoon. It was amazing to get a chance to ski hard and get a chance to really ski with Matt for the first time in, like, 3 years. All 9 of us had grins ear to ear. Suddenly, it got me fired up for skiing again. This Saturday, with bluebird skies, I spent the morning setting a race course for our consecutive week program kids for their end of the season fun day, something I haven’t done since High School. Plus, Matt and I again got a chance to ski together and demo some new skis while my Supervisor hung with our kid’s by the BBQ. I forget how much I like Spring Skiing. I forget how much fun it is to ski with my husband.

I had thought the end of the lesson programs would be the end of my ski season. Now I want more. I am 18 weeks pregnant, and skied until 22 with Araiya, so perhaps I can get a few more days in before I call it good for the year.

Of course, the euphoria has been short lived. Today we are back to rain. Three of us are relapsing with coughs, snot and aches. My sinus infection is producing splitting migraines which knock me flat every day at 11am. Matt is behind on a deadline which I can’t help with, as we are down to one computer with Sketch-up and CAD. Now I am seeking simple endurance, thankful for the small breaks of joyful unexpected fun and hoping we will have breaks for a little more in the near future. This week will also be full of prep work for Tallis’ 1st Birthday Party and I have 2 appointments in my search in seeking out a good practitioner for this pregnancy. Back to the grindstone. Back to the packed schedule, delineated out leaving few margins. I just need to keep reminding myself of the glimmers of the unexpected we have had and will look forward to again.

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