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WPC #5

Week 5 or our Weekly Photo Challenge from’s Monday Word of the Day:


plethora \PLETH-uh-ruh\, noun:
1. An abnormal bodily condition characterized by an excessive amount of blood in the system.
2. Excess; superabundance.  

This week’s work I actually know, often even a part of my vocabulary.There were so many things this week which could have qualified for plethora, so much that came in oversized quantities and neverending excess (including pregancy, which would fit the first definition, as you have higher blood volume the latter half). But today, I found something that took the cake… pun intended.

Tallis’ Birthday Party is tomorrow, and as I type this, nearly all my prepwork is done, house cleaned, details falling into place. In all honesty, I have found myself suprisingly not stressed about this event. Typically, I am such a control freak who must have every last detail written out on a list, down to exactly what order the cheeses on the cheese platter will go. This time I find myself listless. I have let go of trying too hard and worrying too hard because I know it will all fall into place. I have learned to pace myself a bit better and to let go of the things that aren’t really important (but before would have been steaming if they were not getting done in my specified schedule of time). So golly gee, what a suprise today when I started to make cupcakes. I had loosely planned, and purchased, supplies for about a dozen or so cupcakes. Then I made a batch. It just didn’t seem like enough. So I figured I would do another. Halfway through mixing that batch I started counting guests in my head. Then I verified from the invite responses. Gross underestimation. 45 people have RSVPed in the affirmative. So what the heck, I grabed a new recipe from Chockylit’s Cupcake Bakeshop and made 4 dozen. 48 cupcakes. All sitting in a box in our bedroom (out of grabby little hand’s reaches). Now I am kinda reeling in amazement at the sheer quantity of perfect little dome tops. 48. And I didn’t flip out. Even when Matt came home from Safeway telling me the guy at the deli counter said we would need 8 lbs of deli meat to make sandwiches for 45 people. Now too it seems we will have a plethora of meet sitting in our fridge.

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