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I feel like I have slacked in documenting all our happenings. Simultaneously, there is a list of post to be written and photos to be uploaded telling the stories. How can I be behind and looking ahead at the same time?


There has been busy bustling, plenty of photos taken, plenty of things happening around here. We had Tallis’ Party on Saturday. What a fun event, indeed! It deserves it’s own post (on the list). We took tons of pictures, tested out a super-freaking-awesome camera (another future post) and have had the computer tied up with work stuff so photo editing must wait for tomorrow. And this, of course, marks that a year of Tallis’ life has come to completion, as tomorrow is her real First Birthday. What a funny, special little girl we are blessed with having (also deserving of it’s own post). I can’t believe a year ago today I was in labor with her, and all the anxiety, hope and preparation tied up in those hours of toil as we were about to meet her.


And there are the small surprises I want to post about- the freak Spring snowstorms, people seeking advice for baby products, getting some much needed new maternity clothes, Araiya getting a much needed haircut and a spur-of-the moment double-date with good friends. I hope to fit it all in amongst the plans unfolding for this week- doctor appointment, my parents coming into town, a haircut for me, taking back and picking out more clothes from the Gap, possibly having my eyebrows waxed for the first time, and a slew of other usual weekly activities.

dsc_7124 dsc_7126

Looking back, or looking forward, it is likely more about finding the spare moments to compile it all.

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