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Well, I think I may have been a little fatalistic in my previous post. My main frustration was that my Powerbook laptop did some acrobatic aerials off the couch, shattering the screen. The computer taking a dive makes things incredibly difficult around here, both for basic use in my day and business/work related stuff. The first is including updating this space, photos, emails and everything else I have an over-dependency on the internet for. In one sense, it could be a good sabbath from wasting far too much time plugged into a computer.

The other side of the coin though is the work productivity. My laptop served as the occasional other work machine so Matt and I can do stuff side-by-side when we are both here. We have another clunky Dell that we purchased off Craigslist to use as a CAD machine, assuming it would be for running only CAD. Unfortunately, it has a hard enough time running a 2d drawing application like AutoCAD Lite, and we have been asking it to also run the full Adobe Suite graphics programs, 3d modeling programs, and now we are acquiring a license for a full version of AutoCAD 2009 (it wouldn’t surprise me if the machine just can’t handle this program at all). You can’t even run an internet browser at the same time as Photoshop and the fan pumps so hard at times I think it will blow up. And now, that is our only work machine. And I have connected my laptop to the monitor so I can see. So only one of us can work at a time. But at least we have other options (like the really really old Powerbook Titanium that can’t be unplugged that I am using today), regardless of how clunky they are.

Obviously work takes precedence, so when Matt is here, no productivity for me with any programs beyond Internet. I assume this will make Editing and Uploading photos will be far more infrequent, which therefore makes blogging far less frequent. It also wouldn’t hurt to pick up a cheap monitor for my laptop since the machine is still working fine, it is only the screen that is completely shattered.

I took advantage of the weekend and uploaded the remaining photos on the camera to Flickr. I also still have my list of ‘to write’ posts that now have photos to accompany them. As long as I can get a bit of time on the Dell every now and then to Edit and Upload, I can still reasonably continue to do fun personal journaling here. So I guess I will be able to post my backlog of ideas and this space won’t be completely abandoned as I thought in my first hasty assumption. The post-a-day goal, however, will have to be put to the wayside for now until we figure out a better solution to our productivity issues.

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