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When grow up


Araiya has been telling me about the things she is going to do when she grows up and gets big. She says, “when grow up…” Followed by whatever randomness she is thinking of that she is currently not able to do, such as “Riya get Mair-weed (married)”, “Riya have baby in my tummy”, “Riya wide my bike to da bank with Daddy”, or “Riya eat cookies”. Often times she will tell me, matter-of-factly, with lips pursed, “Riya not big yet.”

dsc_7248 dsc_7261
dsc_7259 dsc_7257

Funny girl. Glad she isn’t big yet so I can enjoy her at this age of pure joy for the smallest things and the prospects she has ahead of her. And, of course, Tallis is right behind.


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