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Black and White


This has become a bit of a photography blog around here, no? I have been really stuck on the colors theme simply because I have been really stuck on having fresh flowers around the house. I think I am an addict, I can’t stop.


I think it is true that flowers make you happy. Actually let me take that back, I don’t think they make you happy, I think they remind you of happiness. They embody beauty, fleeting and passing blossoms of joy. They remind us to savor it, breathe in the sweet fragrance of what is in the here and now. Too often I overlook the present. I focus too hard on getting somewhere, accomplishing something, moving ahead, forgetting the wonderful things I have now that I push aside or ignore because I am too set on whatever I am focused on. These flowers remind me take a pause to gaze upon them. To realize the beauty of now in the place I am at. I have been enjoying it more. Enjoying the smaller accomplishments and smaller details of the everyday.


I am learning to better embrace the discipline of managing my house, something which has been a constant struggle to keep atop of. I find my heart is changing as I realize how much I enjoy and function better when things are clean, straight and organized. Too long I have wallowed in the clutter of now thinking it will get better when we get this piece of storage stuff or tear out that part of the house. I look forward to the state of ‘finished’, but realize we have been suffering in the state of today and putting up with it for far too long. I have hated and resented the constant cleaning up after Four people, when I only make (logically) a quarter of the mess, however I see how I have become more open to enjoying the process more and enjoying the state of cleanliness. Even when my toddler dumps out an incomplete pack of Budweiser playing cards all over the kitchen, dining room and living room for the third time in a day. White flowers embody the daily state I am motivated to seek out each day. Little steps to keep on top of the constant disarray give me the glimpses of calm beautiful enjoyment. And of course, flowers help to spruce things up, adding a touch of exotic beauty which highlight the intangible values of light and space I so appreciate about the place we live. So white- for pure, clean and simple beauty. Black, for dark, dynamic and deep richness. And Contrast, because that is what makes the obvious so starkly apparent.

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