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Free swim

Sunny today and boy are we ready for it!


Araiya is itching to go to the beach. Frankly so am I, but I have enough experiential knowledge to know swimming in Lake Washington today would require a little more than Araiya’s new Bathing suit. Although she told me she doesn’t want to actually swim, just throw rocks into the water. She likes the idea of swimming, but in reality has a huge hesitation to deep water and almost downright fear. We have been careful not to push her, but still give her the opportunity to try if she so chooses. Kind of a downer, as we have an indoor pool about 2 blocks away that has family swim every day. Last summer we hit the beach at least once a week. I can’t wait for that again. But I also feel water safety is of huge importance. Having done swim team and been a Lifeguard, I really want my kids to be strong swimmers. Granted, that will come with time and I am a little bit glad Araiya shows such a prudent respect for deep water that she knows is beyond her abilities to handle right now. Sad, though too, because I love the water and she won’t even let me go in above my waist without freaking out. And she won’t let me hold her and go a bit deeper than her knees either. I think if she experienced it, she would find it is fun and okay, we just aren’t ready to try yet. Heck, I can’t even get her to rinse her hair out in the bathtub without a fight.

dsc_7277 dsc_7279 dsc_7280

Regardless, we are ready. New suit, new purse, even a new haircut. Araiya imagined the living room rug was the water and ran around and around it, finally flopping and convulsing atop the gray wool as she was ‘swimming’. She even used the Bro-Sis bent ply chair as a diving board, though she has no concept of a diving board because she has never seen one. But she gets that you jump into the water off of it. Mostly, she just wanted to show off her cool new suit.

dsc_7274 dsc_7275 dsc_7281

And boy, was it hard to find an appropriate suit for a toddler. Am I really just old and prudish? Everything we found out there was far too risque. String bikini’s, one strap, gold lame, plunging necklines. I guess people think it is cute to dress a toddler girl up far beyond their maturity level into something many of us couldn’t get away with wearing. What good is SPF 50 fabric when it only covers 2% of their body? Kinda makes me wish I had a boy- there were plenty of great board shorts to be had. But 3 stores in, we found this one on the clearance rack at the Gap for $9. And the purse was $3.


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