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I feel like we are in flux in extremes at the moment. Deliberate explorations of color have unfolded to explorations of texture. Opposition. Contrast. All seem to be joined in some subconscious way to a season in the past when these explorations were applied in a very detailed and exact series of work on a much larger scale. But much like that the flowers that have been gracing our space, that season, too has faded. The smaller things I am working on, while not as precise, but all a reflection of the heart of how I am in the here and now.


There are parallels, ones in which I celebrate. The tactile and texture of fabric, petals, baby skin — bold descriptions of ideas emerging into the tangible, space, furnishings, artwork — patterns of life following the phenomenologically dynamic of sun, rain, color, seasons. Work in which all aspects somehow embody and describe how I feel, reflecting exploration’s integrity as a part of living, that beauty can be found in that simple sensory act. We flux between sun and rain; between sick and well; between indoors and out; between motivated and lax.


I hope to share that work here. My small piece of retention into what I once did so prevalently, taking the process and exploration and the time in which to delve so deep into it for granted. Small pieces of that process which have become embodied in the smaller scale of photography, sketches, kid’s rooms, sewing- all of which perhaps I have begun to fall away from. Allowing it to fade even in the present as other things have pushed their way into the forefront of attention. It is time for new. New flowers, yes. New projects to start. New work to commence. And so the flux continues.

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