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Yesterday was an adventure in painting. I dug through old architecture bins in the crawlspace and pulled out my old watercolor sets as well as a few nice black pens. Araiya was enthralled with the colors bleeding onto the page and using every single brush, many of which are intended for oil painting. Wow am I rusty. I am also finding it hard to concentrate on my drawing when I also have a toddler trying to squeeze out the entire tube of blue onto her paper. Yet sweetly collaborative as I show her how to use the combination of water and pigment, teach her to wash her paper with water first or spread color by adding more water. She grasped the technique quite well for being two.

dsc_7454 dsc_7455
dsc_7448 dsc_7452

She told me this last drawing was an airplane. Actually, a Spaceship. Going really fast.

dsc_7439 dsc_7443

My nice pens needed to be refilled with ink and cleaned out, so I started just playing with the ink by itself. I became intrigued with the bleeding of black ink and water- the dobs, spreading, gradation and contrast with the white paper. Some kind of organic growth. Then I grabbed a thin Sharpie marker, which was still a bit thicker than I have typically liked, filling in and adding depth with hue. Pretty fun exercise. I realize though how it is a practice, my first stabs are pretty poor. Later that night I used a nicer pen and did one that I really like, it will get photographed and uploaded with the next batch. I have missed the feel of the pen across the page, the fine lines overlaying one another, the building and layering of depth, the scratching of the nib against the stark paper. It feels good, I need to make this a regular exercise.

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