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Ain’t over it yet

Here’s a strange twist: I have a mad itch to go skiing. That’s right. Just when I thought I was going to be over it and have been lamenting the lack of Spring for quite some time now, our continually strange Seattle weather throws a curve ball dumping us with 2′ of freshie in the mountains and cold temperatures. At 23 week pregnant, I thought my season would be done. Nope. I am down for more. And to make matters worse, we got a string of unrelated emails today that are fanning the flames.

First, my friend Jeff, whom I taught skiing with this year emailed us some pictures he took of a Backcountry trip in March. Thigh-deep and untouched, 2 hours without the kids. As mentioned before, the first time Matt and I have really skied together since before Araiya was born.

March 08 055

March 08 053

So there’s us, and a bunch of geeky ski instructors standing out at Piss Pass. Left to Right: [unknown], Michael, Matt, Me, Gary, Jeff. The top one is a pretty darn good picture of me and Matt.

Then Matt gets an email from Carter, who just tested out his brand new, custom, build-your-own Fat Tele boards he took out last week for the first time. There is an outfit of Home-made ski builders here in Seattle who are producing some really awesome looking sticks. Attached was a picture of him holding his hot-off-the-presses planks, grinning from ear-to-ear and a link to the Turns All Year Trip Report of his outing. Talk about overwhelming jealousy. I want to design my own skis.

Plus we had gone up on Saturday, where Alpental had 18″ of new snow, with the intention Matt and I would tag team making turns and watching the kids. But we ran out of time. He skied, I didn’t even put my boots on. Sadness. And next weekend we are going to Portland. So we must wait, until my already planned last Hurrah of the season for Cinco de Mayo. Maybe this itch will spur me on to catch a day (or part of a day, as it usually ends up) sometime before then.

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