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My pet project

Since I don’t get to really practice design and architecture, I often times fall into bouts of obsessing in my head about changes to this house, space design, furnishings and interior design. Restraint must be used, as it can be a considerable time waster if they are wishful thinking projects (like the perfect family condo floorplan). But we do have some smaller projects we are slowly actualizing. I find though I am better at having an overarching vision that we work towards. I am a designer after all, I like the big picture, the final resultant. Often times I can see it super clearly in my head down to every single detail and luckily there are tools to help get those ideas out to refine the process of the conceptual. So I get to share it here. The latest little pet project has been redoing the guest bedroom into a room for the two older girls so the current nursery can be given to the new Baby in the Fall. This has been my little way of nesting and preparing, since everything for a newborn and infant is covered, I can focus on the next step upwards for the two older girls. And yes, I have become something of a ‘Decorator’, but I can live with that.


This is the Inspiration Board I have been putting together. It is a visual conglomeration of ideas, products and resources floating around in my head, helping me to sort out an overall ‘feel’ for the room and how to coordinate the different elements into one congruent design. I don’t think it is a definitive list of ‘must haves’, but more of a building of elements that might make their way into the room. See, I always change my mind or come across something way better. I tend to be a very slow collector, but need to set parameters for the space so over time I don’t get off track of the overarching idea I was trying to achieve.

This room is coming together quite differently then some of the other spaces we have. I tend to shy away from Color, but am learning to embrace combinations other than white, black, gray and orange. Colors are hard because they are so inextricably tied to emotions. My hesitation and fear is that I will end up not liking them, as colors follow trends which come and go, as do my tastes and preferences. Usually I want add color through small elements that could be changed or rearranged, but that never seems to happen. I try to commit to a color and force everything else to work around it, then get stuck with limited options to keep the space congruent. Like the nursery, which started with our bright orange DucDuc crib and took nearly 2 years to finally create a well suited space (which I love). This time, I am starting with the colors and allowing the bigger elements, like the furniture, to remain neutral and minimal. I think this is a reaction to realizing the duration these bigger pieces will last us- hopefully until the kids move out of the house. And if they are anything like me, their tastes and preferences will change and evolve. I want to allow room for that in the future while creating a wonderful space for them to grow into now, something not too juvenile, not too girly, but with just the right amount of youth and femininity. I also want versatility, choices, where the color pallet is broad enough that predominant hues can be rotated, accentuated or toned down. I fear there may be too many colors to juggle at once. I don’t want to get away from the clean and minimal by adding too much stimulus. But it will be a good exercise in getting me to think and design differently. This is Stab One. Thankfully I have given myself plenty of time for refining this.

[oh, and if you click on the picture, there are many notes about each element over at Flickr]

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