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Little cook

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Araiya loves to be in the kitchen, she loves to help out and play like she is cooking. Our little wooden stove and play food, which resides next to our big stainless steel prep table, is one of the most frequently used toys. She really wants to do real cooking. Constantly she is begging to sit up in a stool at the counter and help. I let her pour flour into the Kitchenaid mixer when we are making bread or cookies and help her to break the eggs. I have been slowly finding ways to include her help in making dinner too. So far the best I have found is making handmade pasta, the other night we made a mushroom morella, which is roughly rolled noodles. We have a pasta machine, but it is too hard to crank for a two-year old. But we had a blast rolling ‘worms’ together. Pasta is really easy too- it is essentially flour, salt and egg mixed into a dough. Great because the prep involves no knives, machinery, raw meats, and it is okay to use your hands and get messy. It was a special treat to cook with Araiya and now she keeps begging to make more ‘worms’, so I will have to be on the hunt for more recipes a toddler can participate in to expand our menu beyond cookies and noodles.


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