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Terrible two’s haven’t been so terrible. Araiya has been just plain fun. Even most of the ‘trouble’ she gets into I have to just laugh at her. Riddled with her cuteness, quirks, ingenuity and little person logic, she just makes me smile. Luckily most of the things she gets into are rather benign, though we have had our share of more serious trouble. I think Marcy posted a nearly identical picture as the one above of her little guy playing with eyeliner. Pretty good, don’t you think? I am amazed how much Araiya picks up on exactly what to do with stuff. She watches much too closely.


Then I caught her trying to walk the cat. Pretty smart to use her belt as a leash and collar. She picked this up from her Aunt and Uncle we stayed with in Portland last weekend as she watched them walk their dog. So it is logical to make that connection- why not take the cat for a walk? She somehow got Maya to walk with her from living room around to Mom&Dad’s room until this pissy cat would appease her no more.


She also ended up wearing a pull-up much of Friday, insistent she didn’t want anyone to see her butt. Why this was important on Friday and not any other day when I fight her tooth and nail to keep clothing on and she usually ends up standing on the chaise in the front window looking out over the street with no pants? No idea. I guess all that work being a wild two-year-old will get to you, so she passed out Friday afternoon, wrapped in my wool sweater, sideways in the Eames Rocker of all places. Too cute to not take pictures.

dsc_7695 dsc_7692

She didn’t stay here long, as we woke her up to go to a BBQ, where she ran around in circles playing soccer and eating Bratwurst for a few hours. I hope 3 is as much fun as 2 has been.

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