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Ohh, I love getting mail. Wait, I should preface: Good Mail. Packages with fun stuff to open. Packages that are slightly unexpected. Or expected. I love it. I think we have gotten a package each week over the past three. First was a piece of artwork we purchased for the girl’s new room. Next came a box of goodies from my Mom. Now an adorably itty-bitty Speesees onsie for baby g.3 from my friend Brieanne in SF. This one made me excited. It’s arrival coincided with hitting 27 weeks- Trimester #3. Araiya was super excited, not just at the bubble wrap included in the shipping materials, but she knew this was for the new baby. But not until August.


Combine that with spending the morning sorting through newborn clothes. I had pulled down my two huge Rubbermaid containers with all the kid’s clothes to sort away some items which have become too small and pull out summer items. I also filtered back through some of the older stuff, separating out clothing the girls never really wore or I don’t really like to purge ourselves of at an upcoming neighborhood Garage Sale. Of course now I want to get a few new Speesees items for baby g.3, after (at the prompting of Brieanne) spending some significant time looking through the newest line and particularly the Sale section of their organic clothing. I showed Araiya the little outfits she wore, showing her also the addititonal outfits we got for Tallis. I would like to do that for this baby too, find a few select items just for her. Odd to look back, laughing with Araiya as she held up the tiny little pants she used to wear. Odd that the were both once there, that size, and now so very different. Odd that even with the same outfits I have distinct memories of both of them at separate times, separate places, separate people. I also reluctantly have placed our one grocery bag of very blue, very boyish clothes in the Garage Sale pile, perhaps all together letting go of the idea we might have a boy. Perhaps tomorrow I will snatch it back out and stuff it back away into a Rubbermaid bin, to hang onto it a little longer.


Later in the afternoon we headed out to our OB appointment. All 20 minutes of it. Now we get to go back every 2 weeks from now until I reach 34 weeks, then every week thereafter. Still seems odd in my head, this pregnancy is moving along so fast, so far from how keenly aware I was with the two prior. And the model of care is so starkly different this time around. I guess perhaps I haven’t really wrapped my head around this at all. But it is apparent this is becoming a rather pressing matter thrust more into the forefront of our attention. Three more months. Possibly less, as my OB, in all his medically-biased idealism, would just love it if I went into a nice easy labor at 37 weeks. I don’t quite have that optimism. But the thought of July rather than August jars me a bit. Matt too, apparently, as he is sitting opposite me sifting through coupon codes at RetailMeNot for the purchase of three new car seats. Three. Because we’re not buying a minivan and he has found a system of fitting three across the back of our Subaru. Which, of course, will ultimately lead to more packages arriving at our doorstep and continue to stoke the excitement of meeting this brand new little person we are cultivating such an anticipation for. But not ’til August.

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