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WPC #11

The Weekly Photo Challenge word from the Monday Word of the Day:

cavil \KAV-uhl\, intransitive verb:
1. To raise trivial or frivolous objections; to find fault without good reason.

transitive verb:
1. To raise trivial objections to.

1. A trivial or frivolous objection.


Yesterday marked the first in a series of hot days we are set to have over the weekend here in Seattle. And by pairing ‘Hot’ and ‘Seattle’ in the same sentence I mean low-to-mid 80′s. So what else is there to do but take full advantage of the overly nice weather? And by saying ‘full advantage’ and ‘overly nice’, I mean busting out every dress, tank top and pair of shorts the kids own and taking them to Madrona Beach for some playtime and a BBQ at SIX O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING. Ridiculous tactics, I know. And furthermore, just because I know the temptation of the beach, with all that sand and water, is far too great for a one and two-year old, I packed swimsuits, towels and a change of clothes. Because hey, I can be an optimist and figure it won’t be that cold. Frivolous details, the fact that this beach is on the East side of the City, and when the sun goes down there is a direct correlation with the temperature going down. Additionally, Lake Washington isn’t known for it’s warmth any time of the year. But you know what? In actuality, there really is no good reason NOT to take advantage of a little afternoon sun. So, yes, Matt questioned my line of thinking when I didn’t raise an objection to Araiya kicking off her shoes and frolicking in the frigid waters in a sun dress, or Tallis crawling around clenching wet sand in her hands. Hey, they’re having fun, let them enjoy it. His eyebrows raised a little more as I helped Araiya into her bathing suit. When it came down to it, he was in the water and enjoying every minute as much as the girls were, helping Tallis splash around as I threw rocks with Araiya. See, no good reason to not allow ourselves to have as much fun as possible. Well, until toes turned blue and we forced the kids to get rinsed off and bundled into dry clothes. Even then, Tallis kept pulling her socks off, despite her purple feet and our insistence they stay on, as if to say, Ahh, summer! Time to let my feet be free.

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