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Horray for sunny Saturday


Yes! We finally had sun! The day was spent participating in the Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale Day in which a handful of families in our neighborhood conglomerated together to huck our goods. I even got a bit sunburned, which sadly, I think is awesome. It was a perfect day to hang outside and immerse ourselves in the community. Additionally, I was able to purge much of the stuff we have been storing in the attic and crawlspace and made about $40 out of the whole deal. Not bad. I didn’t escape without shopping at my own sale, as several of the other families were selling some pretty awesome stuff. I grabbed myself a few tops, Tallis a great little pair of See Kai Run’s and Araiya went home with a pack of red Bic ballpoint pens (random, I know, but she couldn’t part with them). I sold a good deal of baby clothes, many of which were bought by fellow sellers, including my lone bag of boy clothes. There was some really good stuff in there, so I was glad to see it go to people we know.


Matt took the sunny afternoon to keep pounding away at the deck, tearing up another quarter of the deck boards. It makes me feel so much more isolated in the back part of the house now without that extension of space, reinforcing how important that flow into the yard is and how the deck is such an integral piece of that transition. Still much work to be done out there, but so encouraging to see bits of progress.

The one downside to the nicer weather is that it flares up my allergies. This season has been particularly bad, though I have been doing a fairly good job keeping up on my homeopathic regimen to keep them under control. Today I was fighting some strong histamine reactions as things have once again dried out. Tonight, I came home after cleaning up from the garage sale and absentmindedly rubbed my eye, then my other eye. Which led to more rubbing (which I know I shouldn’t do) and got whatever I had on my hands into my eye, causing severe allergic reactions inside my eyelids. This isn’t the first time it has happened. Once while visiting my Grandmother in Ohio this happened so badly I ended up going to the ER to get antihistamine steroids injected in my butt. Typically I can tell my eyes are reacting beyond the usual itchy/watery hay fever when the gel membrane things in the corner of the eye by the tear duct swell and become inflamed to the point they press inward and begin to cover the eyeball into the iris. Despite immediately washing my hands and flushing out my eyes with water, one was swollen shut and the other barely open within 10 minutes of realizing what I had done. I sent Matt off to the store to buy new allergy eye drops, as I had discovered a few weeks ago the ones I had been using (and had been burning my eyes) had expired in 2006. Thank goodness for eye drops. Three hours later I can at least see, though my eyes are still puffy, irritated and blood red. Tomorrow should be sunny, good excuse to wear sunglasses and cover these up.


The sunlight was still glancing in our bedroom window after 8:30pm tonight. At least I recovered enough to enjoy that and revel in the fact we are approaching the longest day of the year in the next few weeks. So thankful for sun!

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