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Our trip to the Coast


What a beautiful weekend! It was wonderful to get away and oh so rewarding to spend time as a family enriching the experiences our girls will have growing up. We had such fun. All three girls were great the entire weekend and it was so awesome to see the older girls enjoying every minute of our camping trip.


DSC_1127-67 DSC_1120-64 DSC_1104-50

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And did I mention it was beautiful? The coast was just breathtaking Friday night when we hiked out across the dunes to the sandy expanse of beach line. We spent several hours exploring this amazing ecosystem through the experiences of Toddlers, who were each discovering a completely new environment for the first time. Matt and I both spent a fair amount of time vacationing at the beach growing up and found such joy in exposing our girls to the majestic ocean, too.



There was so much to explore and discover, winding paths through tall beach grasses over the dunes, which melt away into the long, flat sandy expanse of beach constantly being smoothed out by the rushing in and out of waves, rhythmically flowing in from the never-ending horizon of the Pacific. And of course, there was the sun, warming and illuminating the dynamics of this place, throwing contrasting colors, hues and shades across the sky, sand and grass.

DSC_1042-9 DSC_1053-13 DSC_1063-22


Although the downside of Sand is that can be a bit of a pain, too. We spent the weekend getting dirtier, wetter, and sandier. That was of course, ignored and taken in stride as a part of camping. We came prepared, armed with plenty of layers, baby wipes and towels. The actual camping was a huge highlight. The girls had a blast just hanging out at our camp site. Everything was a new, fun experience- Cooking on the campstove, making a fire, roasting marshmallow’s for S’mores, sleeping in the tent. The eagerness to be a part of it and take it all in was astounding. I was worried at least one of them would be a little overwhelmed or thrown off being out in the cold, damp campground for two nights, but even Pia just rolled with it.


DSC_1165-83 DSC_1151-78 DSC_1168-85 DSC_1236-129


Our one hiccup came Saturday night, when Matt awoke with an overwhelming headache. We thankfully were able to find some people walking along the road to the bathrooms in the wee hours he was able to bum some Advil off of. The disturbance of getting up, moving around, talking, getting in and out of the car was enough to wake up all the girls at the same time. Thankfully no one freaked out in the cold dark night and we all were able to eventually settle back into our sleeping bags and go back to sleep.

Sunday we awoke to pack and leave the beach under beautiful bluebird skies, which is Murphy’s Law after we spent a rather chilly Saturday digging in the sand under layers of wool and jackets. I was glad that we had picked a campground a bit further back from the water, sheltered in the trees. We almost went a bit further north, where you can actually camp ON the beach. The denser foliage and distance from the water gave us a buffer from both the wind and sand. Though both nights and Saturday were chilly, I tried not to wistfully desire a trip to Hawaii where I could lie on a warm sandy beach rather than hunker down further into my down bag. We returned to Seattle in time to enjoy a warm, sunny afternoon filled with unpacking, the kids playing in the kiddie pool and having friends over to BBQ to enjoy the half-finished back deck. I am gearing up that this was the last nice weekend before we settle into the cooler patterns of Fall. Those prospects make me further appreciate and be thankful for the wonderful weekend we just enjoyed.

See all the pic’s from the Camping Trip in our Flickr Set.

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