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Dave and the missing wallet

I don’t know if many of you know exactly how big of a Dork I am. Yup, I am a huge dork who always loves a good story of random randomness (especially if I am involved). So here is the latest from yesterday:

We went out last night for wine and dessert to a nearby restaurant that has a little kid’s play space, just to give Matt and I a chance to talk and catch up with one another and get out for a bit. As we are winding down, Matt realizes he forgot his wallet. This week has become so scattered and uncoordinated, Thursday in particular what wrought with many stresses, it was honestly not surprising that yet another thing would not go our way. So Matt ran back home to grab it, while I stayed with the kids, sitting back by the sectioned off children’s area, which was a disaster of toys, babies, toddlers and even some pre-teens. Within a few minutes I ended up in the play area, tending to Tallis, along with some other mom’s in there supervising their little ones. Of course Moms get to talking, so I was chatting with this gal who’s little guy and Tallis were exchanging glances and toys (and he was in his Halloween costume, thanks to his sisters). Then this dad starts to walk in, and I awkwardly am sitting in a toddler-sized chair directly behind the little swinging play area entrance gate. This guy enters, and I fumble to scoot out of the way, saying oh sorry, I feel like I am in the way. Thinking (as I only caught a glance of this guy in my peripheral) hmm, that guy kinda looks like Dave Matthews. He mumbles back something along the lines of, you’re ok don’t worry ’bout it, and the voice was unmistakable.

So it turns out I am chatting with his wife and kids. And we kept talking, exchanging words. I am not one to get too starstruck, I have had a good chance to work with some famous actors before, oddly enough by teaching skiing in the Lake Tahoe area. I don’t really get the frenzied hype of near attacking celebs in attempts to get close to them. I know that someone like Dave Matthews is just a normal guy, who in this case it out to a quiet dinner in a small neighborhood restaurant close to closing time with his family. It was never even mentioned as we were talking that I knew who he was, we just talked about kids, having three of them, what our kids were going to be for Halloween. I am glad he is able to get out and enjoy his family without being hounded or stared at. I’m sure it must be a big struggle to be able to go places around this city without being pounced on.

Matt shortly returns, and comes face to face with Dave (who would walk around with his head down, probably trying to avoid recognition, though the demographic of this particular restaurant at that time was likely too old to put a face with a name). Matt was obviously the only guy in the whole place who looks likely enough to fit the profile of the typical bearded-ponytail-hippy-pot-smoking-lighter-holding obsessive concert attendee (though he only meets the first two attributes). While, yes, Matt has attended more Dave concerts than he can likely count, we together spent a weekend chasing Dave up and down California to attend concerts and one of the main reasons we are married is due to a fateful car breakdown returning from a Dave concert, I have to say though, it was far more rewarding to have a normal conversation with him than it would ever be to get two seconds of frantic OMG-I-LOVE-U type of moment that involve harrassing him for an autograph or picture (neither of which I asked for). Just a bit of silent aknowlegement, yes I know who you are.

There was even a head nod as we left to head home for bedtime.

And as soon as the door shut behind us on the way out I turn to Matt and quietly exclaimed, OMG I was 12 inches from Dave Matthews. And he TALKED to us!

Matt told me I was a dork.

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