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Early to Rise


For what a dreary day it ended up being, my morning walk to Tougo’s at 6:45am was beautiful. The sunrise spread pinks oranges and yellows across the sky infiltrating into the deep blues and black shadows of the darkened city. The hues and vibrancy was just amazing, and no, these images haven’t been enhanced, they are actually straight out of the camera. I couldn’t help but appreciate the spectrum cast through the clouds.


Additionally, my Thursday morning ritual of seeking solace and ‘ME’ time has become equally as vibrant. Initially, it was just me taking a pre-dawn excursion absent of kids. Then it became two of us; then three; then suddenly I realize this morning the number is up to SEVEN. I think the theme song to Cheers needs to be programed into the Official Thursday morning playlist at Tougo Coffee.


But the walks now have become my favorite. There is stillness enveloped in the darkness, poised as the day is just beginning. The streets albeit of noise, most of the houses still dark. I think about the potential the day holds, as this community wakes to go about their daily lives, possibly unaware of how ritualistic their routine may be. I think about the momentum that is building in this community, that these people I meet with at this small little coffee shop represent a far larger movement, poised to really impact this neighborhood as we grow together. 


And then I return in full light. This day, drizzly and sorrowfully normal in comparison to the amazing phenomenology I witnessed on my way there. I wonder how many people have missed the amazing wonder of the daybreak today because they simply were unable to notice?

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