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Cwistmas twee, oh Cwistmas twee…


You would think it couldn’t get any fresher. I mean, we cut the thing down out in the woods. That’s about as fresh as you can get. 


But by midweek, the thing was already shedding needles. And it just kept getting worse. I kept watering it. Matt kept watering it. The water overflowed. No, it had plenty of water in the stand, but the tree decided to go ahead and die anyways, sending showers of little green needles cascading down onto the floors. The girls didn’t help, either. In fact, all the tips of the branches were stripped bare from toddlers running by and pulling on. 



The small scatterings were large piles by the end of the week. By Friday I had enough. Enough of sweeping and vacuuming under the tree three times a day. It was a sad decision, but the tree just had to go.


Of course, taking it out was no small task. Saturday I took all the ornaments off, the tree shed buckets full. The last straw was when I came out of the bedroom after changing a diaper and Araiya had collected cute little piles of pine needles in cute little mounds all over the rug and couch. So out it went, Matt trying as carefully as possible to keep things clean. But the tree protested, heaving needles off it’s limbs in every direction and leaving a long trail through the living room, across the kitchen, over a hamper of laundry and out the back door. Thank goodness for Sir James Dyson.


So now we are treeless, lacking in some good Holiday cheer. My goal today and tomorrow are to find some sweet (albeit cheap) Modernist Christmas decorations. There is this branch that fell off a tree down the street this fall, which has been sitting there, now dry and bare that might be beaconing to me to come haul it home, spray paint it white and prop it up in a vase (a la THIS). Or (Matt and I don’t agree on this) a sweet sparkly tabletop Mid-Century Modern aluminum tree (like THIS). CB2 also have some cool modern Christmas items, so I am looking at this misfortune as an opportunity to accrue some additional Minimalist Christmas Decor.

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