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Hilarity- the snowed in edition

These Craigslist postings came across my feed reader today:

Free Snow–U Haul (Duvall)
Take all you want. 
We are getting additional inventory delivered throughout the day. 


Free frozen delight (Seattle)
I have about 1500 sq ft of FRESH and crispy white snow ready to be hauled away. Bring some tools and your crew. This deal is good for today only, so first come first serve… no holds, waiting, or dibs. 

Sorry, I will NOT be able to deliver. Thanks for looking. Snufalufagus says… SMILE! :O) 

Serious? I really can’t tell if these are jokes or someone attempting to get Craigslist suckers to come shovel out their driveways.

Additionally, we have watched this video of my friend Brieanne’s crazy cats about 5 times. Araiya cracks up hysterically every time, Tallis copying her (though her timing of laughter is a bit off the events in the movie, kinda like a bad kung foo flick).

Plus, the Season 2 Premier for Flight of the Conchords is out (whoo hoo!) which we have already watched twice (once on the iPhone last night). Full Episode HERE. Wish there were more songs, a bit crass at points, but still darn funny.

Good laughs as the snow falls outside and we await cookies to bake. So far we’ve accumulated almost 6″, which here in Seattle equates to being snowed in. Kinda funny, from my perception at least. Buses aren’t running, streets are closed, people don’t show up for work, school is canceled. Where I am from this is called May. Regardless, a good day to stay inside, have a few laughs and just chill.

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