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Crazy Hair

Pia got a bath this morning, resulting in this awesome ‘do.


I am amazed she is more than 4 months old. She was totally digging tummy time here, while Araiya read her Curious George. Totally content interacting with her sisters. I can’t wait until she is able to move a bit more and really be able to play with them. I think likely she will really want to be a part of their antics, already she is constantly watching them like a hawk through those sharp blue eyes. 

crazyhairgirl-14 crazyhairgirl-16

Pia also has much more of an oral fixation than either of the other girls. She is my only kid to like a pacifier (which we call Chucho). Moreso, she constantly has her hands in her mouth, which unfortunately has resulted in some sort of bacterial or fungal infection on me, so nursing has been really painful and we now get to treat both of us with this really awesome bright purple stuff. That should be fun. I am not quite sure who she looks like more. I see a lot of Araiya in her, but some Tallis and a lot of Matt too.

Comparitively, this was Araiya (lf) and Tallis (rt) at 4 months:

Matt with Araiya livingroomplay_02.jpg

Maybe kinda both? Maybe a lot of her own person??

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