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Snowed OUT, 2008


SNOW!! More and more of it. This makes me so excited. By Monday we had about 12 inches on our back deck, and a burst of Sun to go play in the fluffy white stuff. Even now as I type, large white flakes are heavily falling to the ground, leaving us with an additional 3 inches. I am so looking forward to having a White Christmas, my third one EVER (yea, I know that sounds weird, growing up in the mountains and all, but my family sadly has always left the beautiful white for the Holidays to go to extended family in the Bay Area with the exception of the year my sister had Chicken Pox and a few years ago when we went back with Araiya).


But I am still just so thrilled with the beauty of it all. Even more thrilled that Araiya is just LOVING the snow as well. Saturday we went skiing (had to drag her off the mountain screaming), Sunday we pulled her in the sled over to a friend’s house for a White Elephant gift exchange, Monday we built this awesome snowman together, Tuesday we ventured out to storytime at Tougo’s, a Doctor’s appointment for me, Target for some last-minute, crazy shopping, and dinner at a friend’s house. Today, there is sledding in the works for the afternoon, contingent on the snow not turning to rain after 3pm like some forecasts are projecting as a possibility. Matt and I also stayed up until after midnight one night designing ourselves a Modernist Prefab Ski Cabin out of shipping containers, lusting after the possibility of building a place in which to cultivate the love of the outdoors and winter in our family (I will save that for another post).


snowdays-75 snowdays-73


There has been plenty of Hot Cocoa drinking. Today is Cookie Baking Day as well. I actually really am hoping this weather continues. I know most everyone else is growing tired of being ‘snowed in’ and having major cabin fever. But being out yesterday, the conditions really aren’t that bad (yea, I know I come from a totally different perspective on this kind of stuff). Maybe it is just the extreme shift away from the norm, that this feels special and so out of the ordinary it has become extraordinary. Of course, things have gotten pretty thrown off. Christmas gifts that were set to arrive yesterday Via UPS, the Post Office and FedEx haven’t come (actually we haven’t gotten normal mail for a few days now and trash wasn’t picked up this morning either). So I have an inkling it will be a rather slim Christmas Morning tomorrow in the presents department, which means for our girls, they will be rationed out and opening gifts for the next few weeks. Our Christmas Pheasant was stuck on a truck in Oregon yesterday, so Matt is out snowshoeing downtown to pick it up today, funny to think of him trudging back up the hill with a dead bird in his Timbuk2 bag, such a manly hunter/gatherer act- in a twisted modern/urban sort of way.



Tallis, on the other hand, has fared a bit less well than Araiya has taken to the snow. Of course, she doesn’t remember last winter of hanging out in the backpack and rolling in the snow at Alpental nearly every Saturday. She won’t let us put her feet down in the snow, as soon as the mention of ‘going outside’ or ‘snow’ comes up, she starts asking ‘carry me carry me’. Just putting on a snowsuit and boots causes her to melt into a pile of floppy limbs. She is completely content, though, watching all the action and cruising around on Matt’s shoulders or in on of the backpacks. I can’t complain too much, she is still pretty young and at least still pretty enthralled with the notion of this silly cold white fluff. 

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