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Pia’s Space


Yesterday I continued on my rant of Winter Cleaning and Strategic Planning for the house, which included moving out Pia’s little sleeping space in our bedroom as she is now in the nursery next door to the Master. I wanted to photograph it and post it here as I never showed the finished results of the many steps of the Vintage Ikea Cradle project in it’s progress and makeover


The Cradle actually didn’t get painted until after Pia was born. My Father-in-Law was kind enough to spend an afternoon refinishing it while we spent three days in the hospital after the C-section. I think I could have preferred the grey lacquer be a bit warmer, but that is a pretty trifle detail I can live with. The purple Japanese print bedding has been really great, just enough pattern and color to keep things simple. I also ended up making another heather grey blankie out of some old Flannel sheets I had which helps the purple not look like the odd man out. In the context of the room, the cradle is a bit different color scheme than what we are going for overall, but I think it blends in real life a bit better than is coming across in the photos. Pia’s corner follows along our clean, minimalist and highly contrasting aesthetic. 


The mobile was Matt’s favorite touch. It didn’t find it’s way in here until later in the game. I had made these to go over the dining room table last Christmas, but I though they would be more appropriate in here to add more visual interest vertically in this corner. These are just made out of some thick sketch paper, which over the last year has begun to yellow a bit. I’ve been a bit inspired by my cool postcard from Portland and am thinking now I would like to find some sheets of Birch Veneer and remake them in wood, then they could go into the Nursery.


Now that we no longer have Pia in our room all night long, we have decided to focus some attention and effort into our own space. We have lived forever with just the plain white of our down comforter. I love pure white in many cases, but am feeling the blandness of it not being as finished as I would like and in this case bedding will likely make the most impact in the room. Matt and I have been conversing of what we would like to see in here and I am still compiling a concept, which will be for later. But now, I need to figure out just what we are going to do with this sweet little cradle and bedding I made. I knew it would be utilized for such a short time, but now I have grown quite attached. I debate if I should lend it out or just try to sell it to someone who would appreciate elements of the clean, modern, refurbished and handmade as much as I (hopefully getting some money back out of that to put into the girls’ new room too!). Any suggestions? Any interest?

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