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So when you go launch into a site that immediately starts playing music, what do you think?

Is it a total turn-off? Too MySpace? Do you navigate away as quickly as possible? Does it enhance the experience? Does the type of music even matter?

See, I am shopping around for an uber-nice flash site and hosting for my Photography Portfolio and main site for natalie g. photography so I have been looking at a ton of example sites. I have always been someone who is totally turned off by music, to the point I will completely discount any content on the site if I am met with blaring noise (or I immediately turn the main sound on the ‘puter to mute). But I have come across several sites where the music actually (and significantly!) contributes to the overall vibe of the site. And marketing shows that when people view a series of images put to music they report more positively to the quality of the actual images when compared to images without music. Example HERE and HERE (versus HERE and HERE) all using the same template I am looking at.


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