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Sunday we were transported far, far from Seattle, to a land of sun and warmth. Or so you would think. The last month we have experienced some extremes, to say the least. Our freak snowstorm and now, weeks later, our freak January Sun. Of course we can’t just sit around and let it waste away, we and nearly every other Seattle-ite exited their premises to fill up the parks, beaches and walking trails. We followed the afternoon sun to the shores of Puget Sound, to walk along the paths winding down the Olympic Sculpture park along the shoreline and gazed out across the sparkling water to the snow-capped mountains. 


Soaking it in, we stopped to play on a rock installation, letting the kids (and adults, there were 6 of us) run amuck for a few hours before parting ways. I watched the girls experience this place in different ways- Araiya, her constant dialoguing and singing as she (with help) made a stone sculpture filled with flowers. The girl had long braids.

sculpturepark-31 sculpturepark-33

Tallis, crouched down through Matt’s legs, picking up and inspecting each and every rock that lay at her feet, turning them over and over, rolling them in her small, wide hands.

sculpturepark-27 sculpturepark-29 sculpturepark-28

Pia, laughing and full of sunny cheer, perched in her lookout of the Beco on Matt’s chest, taking everything around her in through her huge, blue eyes and kicking her dangling legs in excitement.


This rare weather pattern supposedly will hold through the weekend with no complaints from me or my girls!

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