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In all honesty, I don’t really like the description that I am ‘Crafty’ or a ‘Crafter’- it too much reminds me of grandma-style crocheting afghans or scrap-booking, both of which I cringe at. I never liked painting noodles and gluing them onto construction paper nor any projects with popsicle sticks. No, I break the rules, don’t follow directions very well and typically design my own everything from scratch. Not to say there isn’t plenty of room for inspiration, sharing and cultivating good ideas from a variety of sources. Recently that source has been Kid’s Craft Weekly as I have embarked on doing something creative with the girls (at least Araiya) once a week. This has been a really cool resource that has served as starting points for several things we have done and I plan to do and I have actually found myself sticking to the patterns and projects presented (can you believe it?!). Just thought I would share and pass this site along.

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