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Sitting in a coffee shop today, kids running amuck and playing and I catch a glimpse of a couple as they briefly come into view walking past the window. Each was carrying a backpacking pack on their backs and clinging an additional shoulder bag across their chests. They were grinning ear to ear.

I was hit with a sudden and longing pang. That could be us. That was us. That felt so long ago, so unattainable now, that freedom they had. And oh, how we plundered that time. Oh, how we should have taken fuller advantage of it- realizing now what an unburdened season that indeed was, even though at the time seemed so stressful, yet we were still able to throw a week’s worth of clothes in a backpack, sling the camera bag over a shoulder and hop a plane to wherever. The fleeting taste of what that felt like, experienced once again through the few seconds’ vicarious image continually on playback in my mind now for the rest of the day. Oh, now gone and distant thing of the past, I miss that time.

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