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I caught this picture through one of the living room windows as the sun rises above the houses and trees yesterday, infiltrating light deep into the house. As the walls illuminate orange, I realize how much I am reveling in this winter sunshine we have been having. Perhaps it is indeed the Vitaman D, as reflecting to this point last year, when I was severely anemic, my body depleted of nearly every nutrient, mineral and vitamin known to Man, my hormones completely out of whack.. and oh, yes, I was about to find out (surprise!) I was pregnant again. However, Matt is feeling the change too, which makes me wonder (well, actually know) how inextricably tied to the environment our bodies are. So why do I still sit here today, a day that is slightly more overcast than the last, and mope in the subtle grays as I miss the warming yellows and oranges of previous mornings? Of course, I have been keeping a very close eye on the weather this week, as I have three photo shoots this weekend, all scheduled outdoors (one for months and months intent on this day), braced with fingers crossed the weather cooperates. Last week I was thrown into dismay, frantically searching the internet thinking I should somehow swing buying some off-camera lighting, then delighting this week as 7 straight days of sun shone across the weather forecast widget of my dashboard. That is when I realized how impacted I have become by the sun. How much I have actually noticed the days getting longer (helps when a dismal wet day slowly dampens into more darkness then to be contrasted with an actual sunset). This is such a short season, and all in all I don’t often mind nor notice the wet season here. It has just become a bit more poignant to me this year since we are actually experiencing this winter sunlight regularly. So no wonder, when today I hit the dashboard button on my keyboard and see the forecast now, out of the blue, calls for rain tomorrow. Dour. Now my fingers are back to being tightly crossed, hoping and hoping that doesn’t run into Saturday’s shoot.

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