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Recipe for a busy weekend


:: 2 hours in a car with a 3-year old, to and from ski lessons.

:: 3 runs on the mountain.

:: Getting to play ski school supervisor, condensing 11 classes worth of kids into 7 classes.

:: Driving a big, ugly manual transmition truck around picking up stuff to get ready for a big photo shoot.

:: 3 1/2 hours out in the cold shooting models in garments for a Spring Line, trying to pretend like it is warmer than 40 degrees outside while managing.

:: 1,774 shutter clicks.

:: Home for dinner with my girls (and guy).


:: Making granola and eating a leisurely breakfast together.

:: Dropping off Matt and the girls at Church so he can serve in Children’s Ministry while I hop on the bus to Pioneer Square for another photo shoot.

:: 1 cute little Punk Rocking, Metal band front woman working some portraits in an old parking garage reeking of urine.

:: 567 additional shutter clicks.

:: Picking up Matt and the girls, head to drop me off at my next shoot.

:: 1 Starbucks egg, bacon and cheese English Muffin sandwich, scarfed down while awaiting meeting up with clients.

:: 1 Engaged couple + 1 dog, zipping around the city to find cool (and warm!) backdrops.

:: 456 more shutter clicks.

:: 2 miles uphill walking home.

:: 1 warm Chicken Mole and Polenta Dinner awaiting my arrival.

:: 3rd Church Service of the day, this time sitting with my husband and actually listening. 

:: 1 hour past bedtime, 3 girls finally asleep.

= all the busy FUN I got to enjoy this weekend!

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