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How could I have possibly forgotten to blog about these? It has been almost a whole week and I have failed to mention these utterly amazing Brownies we made. Our baking escapades usually begin with Mom having a huge craving for something sweet and us being down to having nearly nothing of the sort left in the house. This time I lucked out. I not only had a bar of Theo Dark Chocolate, but some Stumptown espresso as well.


Now we are talking FANCY brownies. To top it off, I have to justify my sweet tooth by making them a little healthy, so I used Whole Wheat Flour instead of regular all-purpose. No one noticed. Who could blame them?


They were really darn good. SO good they only lasted until Saturday. My measure of brownie is always against the memory of my all-time favorite, which I am always attempting to recreate to no avail, which I used to buy every single day after Ski Team practice along with a mixed berry Juice Squeeze from the Alpine Meadows snack bar. This batch was different in texture and density, a far different breed than the distant remnant of memories I have left from the Best Brownies in the World. Different enough to be classified into a new favorite. The girls readily agreed as attempting to scrape every last smear of batter into (or around) their mouths before I shoved the pan into the oven.

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