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These three girls are quite the crew. Beyond the sheer business of this season, I revel in how close I am holding this time. I have realized, actually known for a while how intensely, that I – we, as a family – live in an ever increasing (rather, constricting) smaller radius. My world is very limited in distance. My day to day life is small and focused within our immediate neighborhood. We’ve fallen into our set routines, dictated mostly by need and feasibility with three young children, and we’re fine with that most of the time. I like the inward focus, the time cultivated and protected to grow and nurture our family. But the time is on the horizon when that will begin to ebb away, when our life will broaden. Araiya will soon enough start Kindergarden. Already, she is in (and loving) ski school, where she is meeting and developing relationships with children who’s names are unfamiliar to me. In budgeting for this year, we plan on enrolling her in a ballet and dance movements class this summer. Perhaps even Pre-School in the Fall. For now, I remain content in the day-to-day familiarity I get to look forward to. All to soon there will come a day where the best thing in the world is no longer cuddling all together in Mom and Dad’s bed. I will soak in the fleeting times when the girls want me to lay and cuddle with them at bedtime, their breathing steady and slow, soft, sweet faces relaxed and each of them securely comforted with a hand on my shoulder.

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