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Matt and I went out last night, just us, after the girls went to bed. Walking through the U-Village on the way to our destination, I comment I liked some glass jars in a store window display, they would have made awesome terrariums. He laughs then proceeds to tell me how recent comments about things I like are leading him to believe my normally masculine design sensibilities may be waning, as I have (apparently) been showing more of an affinity towards feminine aesthetics recently. If I had to cite a single cause for this observation, I think these Three may be starting to rub off on me and might be the culprits:


kids-113 kids-115

kids-112 kids-111

I fired back, re-telling a story from college where I made a rather awesome final model of these organically fluid structures I had designed, the huge white model created out of metal tubing, white women’s nylons and brushed with resin to create a hard, glossy exoskeleton (I can laugh now and tell you they looked like slugs). The best complement I received that quarter was from a guest crit who was a bit taken aback when I staked claim to the model, as he had presumed my project had been done by a Guy. Yea… Guess it can’t be too bad if 6 years later I am getting a bit soft around the edges and point out I like the lines of some scrolling glass candy jars.

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